Ever Wonder What This Song is About?

As we begin to build this story, we ran across this video. I’ve listened to this song for years and never realized the depth of the words and how they related to the very story we are now writing about.

In The Gamble -A Civil War Saga, there is a strong scene describing the fall of the  Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate Capital during April of 1865. You will experience the heat of the fires burning important papers, the train tracks and the armory;  the sound of horses’ hooves and carriage wheels, shouts of the people as they struggle through the crowds to flee ahead of General Grant’s army; the scent of smoke intermingled with whiskey and fear as people literally poured liquor in the streets. Your mind’s eye will see the scene unfold before you as if you were there.

Done by multiple artists, we enjoyed this version the best, along with the video. Many thanks to The Band for a wonderful take on The Night They Drove Ole’ Dixie Down. Take a listen and see if it doesn’t transport you to a different time and place.

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