The Gamble: Flight of a Statesman

Usa And Confederate Flag

As a favor to his father, Captain Jackson Gamble has accepted a commission to a war he doesn’t believe in. Escorting the Confederate Cabinet to safety is more than he bargains for.

Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin has been visited by his daughter, Ninette, at a very inopportune time.  She escapes to her father to avoid an arranged marriage by her Parisian mother. Willful and stubborn, she finds herself kidnapped by a rogue Union Captain in search of the remaining Confederate gold.

Desperate, Benjamin sends Jackson for his beloved daughter with a promise to find sanctuary with Major Robert Gamble at his Florida plantation.

Follow the harrowing journeys of Benjamin, Jackson and Ninette as they travel the back trails of the deep South. Benjamin is desperate to avoid capture while Jackson and Ninette do all they can to survive hunger, the wilderness and the thwarted captain focused on ending Jackson’s life to retrieve his link to the Confederate gold.

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